Casual Vacancies and by-elections

A seat can become vacant in different ways. It can be due to the resignation of a councillor, the passing away of a councillor, the disqualification (or ceasing to be qualified) of a councillor, or a failure to take up office after being elected.

Notice of Vacancy

When a councillor’s seat becomes vacant the Town/Community Clerk will display a ‘Notice of Vacancy’ in the community area.

This notice explains that an election can be held if a request is made in writing to the Returning Officer by 10 electors from the community area. If the community area is warded, the request must only come from people in that ward. The request must be within 14 working days of the date of the notice.

If an election is requested it must be held within 60 days of when the notice went up. If there isn’t a request to hold an election then the Town/Community Council are able to co-opt someone into the vacant seat.

This means the Town/Community Council can choose who they wish to appoint to fill the seat, instead of holding an election.

Current notice of vacancies

There are no councillor vacancies at the moment.

Notice of Election

There are no Notices of Elections at the moment.

Statement of Persons Nominated

There are no Statement of Persons Nominated at the moment.

Notice of Poll

There are no Notices of Poll at the moment.

More information

Find out about by-elections and casual vacancies when a councillor leaves their seat during the course of their term.

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